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How school enrollment trends have changed in a post-pandemic Virginia

It would be difficult to describe Virginia’s demographic trends over the last few decades without using an adjective similar to disparate or unbalanced. Regional economic trends in Virginia have created a stark income gap and the largest differences in household incomes of any single state in the country. At the same time, many young adults moved away from southern and western Virginia for better opportunities elsewhere, and very few young adults moved to these regions to replace them.

Mitigating CO2 Emissions from the Organic Chemical and Plastics Industry

This paper advances the Global Change Analysis Model’s (GCAM) portrayal of chemicals to assess a full set of decarbonization options and identify specific actions that the organic chemical sector can take to reduce emissions.

Changing Demographics: Older Adults in Group Quarters

The demographic landscape of Virginia has seen significant changes over the past century, particularly the increase in the older population. While many older adults prefer to stay in their homes and communities, some inevitably transition to long-term care facilities, such as nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and in-patient hospices. This transition occurs when their home environments can no longer support...

The Effects of Seemingly Nonbinding Price Floors

This study constructs a two-period model to show why the price of storable goods (commodities, bankable emissions permits, or currencies) may be determined by a price floor even though the price floor lies below the determined market price.

Virginia Beach's Local Election System

A survey of Virginia Beach residents to find out how well represented they feel by their City Council under the new 10-1 election system in terms of the responsiveness, diversity, and accountability of elected representatives.

Virginia Flood Resilience Initiative

This report helps inland areas plan for flood resilience, using geospatial mapping and a flood hazard dashboard to help Virginia communities assess flood risk and preparedness.