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Where are the vacation homes in Virginia?

Lower mortgage rates and a rise in concentrated wealth nationwide has resulted in more people buying second homes. With a multitude of natural, historical, and cultural amenities, Virginia is an attractive location to spend leisure time and a prime location to purchase a vacation home. Within the Commonwealth, the percentage of homes in an area […]

Negative Emissions Technologies Modeling

The study finds there is a need to model more kinds of negative emissions technologies (NETs) to understand how the economics of NETs will change with time and innovation and in order to consider the tradeoffs between NETs and sustainable development goals

Where do children in affordable housing go to school? (Part 2)

It is important that kids from economically-disadvantaged families have access to good schools so that they will have a better outlook for employment, income, and overall wellbeing than their parents’ generation. My first post on this topic provided an introduction to the interrelation between an area’s school proficiency and its cost of housing. By giving […]

ELECTIONS 2020: Projecting eligible voters by state

Political punditry and polls often form the basis for predicting election results, but rarely are they consistent or comprehensive. Given the importance of state-level voting, and the central role played by the Electoral College in the democratic process, projecting the number of eligible voters in each state may add value to understanding the November 2020 […]