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School counselors provide critical service in K-12 schools

Even in non-pandemic times, K-12 schools tend to be under resourced, especially in low wealth areas, but now during the COVID-19 pandemic when government leaders face difficult decisions about how to allocate diminishing funds, K-12 education will face even greater budget constraints. While teachers’ salaries and funds for capital investment are critical, another equally important […]

Inside the Income Gap for some Black Virginians

Arguably, the most persistent demographic trend through the centuries in Virginia and the U.S. has been the difference in socioeconomic status between Black Americans and non-Black Americans. By many measures the socioeconomic gap between Black Americans and non-Black Americans has not changed considerably in half a century, adding fuel to assertions that many of our […]

Albemarle County Community Survey

A survey conducted for Albemarle County to determine residents’ opinions on the quality of life, present and projected infrastructure goals, city services, housing, and employment opportunities given the County's increasing population.

Demographer’s Dilemma: Challenges in analyzing consequences of COVID-19

With the novel coronavirus causing a worldwide paradigm shift, I was genuinely tempted to jump into the data and analyze all possible permutations of what the potential impacts may be. Should I first plot the number of cases in Virginia with corresponding population densities on a map, or should I find causal connections between the […]

How COVID-19 Could Impact the 2020 Census

The census, which is conducted every ten years, provides a snapshot of the general characteristics of the U.S. population, including place of residence on April 1. This year, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, obtaining an accurate census count will be especially challenging for a variety of reasons: Some people may not have been […]

Clean Energy Legislation

This report evaluates existing laws and regulations that are relevant to Virginia’s decarbonization plan.

Online higher education in Virginia (before the pandemic)

As a result of COVID-19, higher education institutions across the U.S. had to quickly transition from in-person to online courses for the Spring 2020 semester. In Virginia, the number of students completing coursework entirely online jumped from 120,000 to over half a million in a matter of weeks. Colleges and universities are now preparing scenarios […]