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Virginia Population Estimates

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Total Population Estimates: Counties and Cities

The Cooper Center develops the official population estimates for Virginia to illuminate population counts between decennial censuses. These estimates provide the best approximation of the population count on July 1st of the prior year. 

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Across the country, localities with relatively large college populations, including some Virginia localities, were often undercounted in the April 1st, 2020, Census Count. In order to correct this undercount, we have benchmarked the  population estimates on the Weldon Cooper Center estimates instead of the 2020 Census count for localities with populations comprising of over 20 percent college students. This includes Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Lexington, Lynchburg, Montgomery County, Prince Edward County, Radford, and Williamsburg. 

Annual Population Estimates for Previous Decades

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Citation: University of Virginia Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service. (2023). Virginia Population Estimates. Retrieved from


Age, Sex, Race, Hispanic Origin, Town Estimates

These estimates—which are produced by the U.S. Census Bureau, not the Weldon Cooper Center—are typically released in May. The reference date for all estimates is July 1, unless otherwise specified. For more information, visit the Census Bureau population estimates page, or to learn more about how they produce their estimates, visit the methodology page.

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2021 Population Estimates for Cities and Counties


Town Population Estimates


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