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Solar Energy

State-Level Planning for Decarbonization

The report looks at the unique challenges facing states as they work towards decarbonization and try to balance lower emissions with the energy demands of households and corporations.

Developing a Smart Grid for Virginia

This report explores how smart grid capabilities can enable integration of clean energy resources, energy storage, and demand management technologies as Virginia's policymakers and stakeholders make the transition to clean energy.

Smoothing the Path to Solar

A report offering case study observations that could inform efforts to create a more predictable, efficient, and timely permitting process for utility-scale solar facility construction in Virginia.

The Soft Costs of Distributed Solar

This study examines the share of soft costs in solar panel installation and offers policy recommendations for lowering the share of soft costs to make solar more competitive.

Clean Energy Legislation

This report evaluates existing laws and regulations that are relevant to Virginia’s decarbonization plan.