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Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson

Survey Operations Manager
Center for Survey Research

Sean Johnson's Biography

Hailing from Herndon, Virginia, Sean Johnson is a Survey Operations Manager at the Center for Survey Research. He attended the University of Virginia, where he received his BA in Sociology with a minor in Government in December 2018.

Sean joined CSR in January 2018 as a telephone interviewer in the CATI Lab and has held two other positions with CSR, Research Assistant and Assistant Manager of Survey Operations. He has since worked on many projects, including the UVA Diversity Climate Survey, which helped UVA to learn valuable information about how its students and employees feel about the University community. He has also assisted with BeHeardCVA, a Central VA survey panel. He hopes to continue to help BeHeardCVA grow into a project that can provide information for a multitude of projects that allow those in Central Virginia to have their voices heard.

One of the things Sean enjoys most about his work is the opportunities it provides to learn new skills and face new challenges, which allows him to keep growing and learning ways to do his job better.