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2023 Research Achievement Awards

Bill Shobe was among the faculty honored at the fifth annual Research Achievement Awards at the University of Virginia. He was honored for his public impact research in renewable energy. 

Public Impact Focused Research Award

William Shobe, Professor of Public Policy; Professor of Economics; and Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Studies, Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service

Bill Shobe’s research focuses on reducing emissions, carbon removal technologies, and electricity sector transformation, and finding effective solutions to pressing environmental problems. He has made significant contributions to the design of emission markets and auctions, and is consulted statewide about Virginia electricity demand forecasting. He helped design the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) that helps states reduce carbon emissions while investing in communities.

Shobe’s “… projects create new bodies of knowledge in service to the greater public, informing how the clean energy transition can positively impact Virginia’s economy, environment, residents, and businesses,” wrote Carrie Ella Hearne, Director of Affordability and Competitiveness, and Aaron Berryhill, Solar Program Manager, State Energy Office, Virginia Department of Energy.

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