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Current Surveys

Black Communities' Thoughts on Tobacco
Tobacco survey your voice matters

In partnership with CAI, CSR is surveying eligible Black and African American residents of Jackson, Mississippi, and other communities around the state. This survey aims to learn more about Black community members’ tobacco use and thoughts about tobacco. The results will help those who work in health care, nonprofits, or those interested in improving health, learn about Black Mississippians’ health needs and wants. The survey is confidential, conducted through a paper questionnaire sent through postal mail or online (you may receive a reminder phone call or text from us as well), and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Saltwater Impacts on Working Lands in the Mid-Atlantic US Survey

A research team at Virginia Tech is conducting a survey to assess how farm and forest landowners living on the U.S. mid-Atlantic coast are adapting to the impacts of saltwater on their properties, as well as their thoughts and opinions regarding several adaptation strategies. The report on this research will be shared with state and local officials so that the perspectives of landowners are considered when developing coastal management policies and programs. Please contact Justin Beall at with any questions or concerns.

Virginia Hunter Survey 

Since 1993, licensed Virginia hunters are randomly selected to receive a Hunter Survey. This survey covers information regarding a hunter’s harvest and effort, as well as their behaviors, preferences, and opinions on a variety of hunting related questions. CSR is supporting the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) to administer this survey. This information is used by biologists at DWR to estimate harvest, better understand hunters in Virginia, and inform management decisions.