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Virginia Institute of Government

Commissioners of Revenue Certification Program

The Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners certification programs have two components, taking and passing required courses and earning “points” through participation in association events. Specific program details, including purpose, content, eligibility, requirements, procedures, and regulations, are included in the handbook below, which is written and maintained by the Association, not the Weldon Cooper Center. Alternatively, you can visit the Commissioners of the Revenue Association website for program details and requirements.

The Weldon Cooper Center administers the certification program on behalf of the Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia and maintains all records of the program, including accurate, up-to-date transcripts. 

Information gets posted to individual transcripts in the following manner: 

  • Course grades are usually posted within ten days of the exam.
  • Attendance at regularly scheduled events—district meeting, annual meeting, etc—is normally posted within two weeks of the event.
  • For events outside of scope of the Cooper Center, records are updated once the Cooper Center receives the necessary information.

Handbooks and Forms


A complete list of courses, descriptions, and requirements can be found here or by clicking the Download button below to download the PDF. 

*Denotes there is an alternative course choice to fulfill the requirement. Click on the course to see your options.
Course TitleCore/Elective
Assessment Administration*Core
Audit of BusinessesCore
Bright Users Course – Personal Property ModuleElective
Conflict ResolutionElective
Customer ServiceElective
Effective CommunicationsElective
Effective Media RelationsElective
General Reassessment*Core
General Technology IElective
General Technology II (Prerequisite: General Technology I)Elective
H&R Block Income Tax CourseElective
Horse Sense for LeadersElective
IAAO Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional BehaviorElective
IAAO Course 101*Core
IAAO Course 331*Core
IAAO course 400*Core
IAAO Course 500*Core
IAAO Workshops 550 and 551Elective
IAAO Workshops 552 and 553Elective
Land UseCore
Lawful Employment PracticesElective
Lobbying 101Core
Operating BudgetsElective
Real Property Appraisal*Core
Robert’s Rules of OrderElective
Roles and Responsibilities of the Commissioner of the RevenueCore
Roles and Responsibilities of the TreasurerElective
Sorensen Institute certificate of completionElective
State and Federal Income TaxCore
Tax Exemptions in VirginiaCore
Taxation of Business Tangible PropertyCore
Taxation of BusinessesCore
Taxation of Real PropertyCore
Taxation of Tangible Personal Property - AdvancedCore
Taxation of Tangible Personal Property - Basic*Core
Understanding the Code of VirginiaCore
Virginia Government and LawElective

Full Course Catalog