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Kristy Shifflett

Kristy Shifflett

Virginia Institute of Government

Kristy Shifflett's Biography

Kristy Shifflett is the Chief Operating Officer of the County of Albermarle, VA. Kristy joined Albemarle in 2012 and has served multiple roles in Finance & Budget, Strategic Planning and Project Management. Kristy began the first centralized project management office to improve performance of organizational projects by providing formal and repeatable project management processes. Her office provided coaching assistance and direction on the facilitation of change management for policy, organizational redesign and projects through their full lifecycle from initiation, planning, implementation, and finally to delivery. Prior to joining Albemarle, Kristy worked in Northern Virginia for Deloitte Consulting. She graduated from Radford University in 2000 and is Prosci certified. Outside of work, Kristy enjoys family time with her husband, three girls and two dogs.