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Yale Class of '69 50th Reunion Survey

The survey was performed by CSR for the Yale class of ‘69’s 50th reunion in 2019. Surveys were sent via email and mail in early 2018 and the survey closed March 1, 2018. Of the 924 living class members, 570 responded. The survey asked questions about values, politics, income, and a number of lighthearted questions about life choices and habits. In the “who we were” category, questions asked what kinds of high schools they attended (public vs private), majors at Yale, and extracurriculars at Yale, among other questions.  

A bar graph showing which activities the respondents participated in at Yale.

A few interesting statistics arose: their overall net worth is $3.7 million; 49% have published either a book or scholarly article; 50% started a business at some point; 26% take 6-10 pills per day; 66% are dog-owners and 48% own cats; and 26% wear boxers while 37% wear briefs.  

For the full presentation, download the file below.

Pie chart showing the Yalees' political identity in 1969, from liberal to conservative.

Yale Class of '69 50th Reunion Survey_full presentation