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Martinsville and Henry County Survey of Childcare Needs

A survey conducted on behalf of The Harvest Foundation, the City of Martinsville, and Henry County to assess unmet childcare needs among parents who work or live in Martinsville and Henry County. In particular, The Harvest Foundation was interested in understanding the childcare experience of and gaps in services for moderate- and low-income families. This survey used non-probability sampling, with community partners and local employers inviting residents/employees via email to complete the online survey, yielding 1,929 completions.  

The survey began by determining what types of childcare parents used, as outlined in the table above. Among respondents, licensed childcare centers were the most widely used type of childcare. The majority of respondents were satisfied with their current arrangement, but approximately one in seven respondents reported some level of dissatisfaction. Overall satisfaction differed significantly by household composition and income, with respondents in one-adult households and those with an income under $50,000 reporting a lower average satisfaction.  

Bar chart showing respondents’ current childcare arrangements.

When asked about specific barriers respondents encounter in their current childcare, the most widely cited issue (53%) was lacking a childcare option when their child is sick. Ideally, parents would like a drop-in childcare facility that could watch sick children who can’t attend school or normal childcare. Approximately a third of respondents reported trouble finding care that meets their work hours, with the rate jumping to 50% among adults earning less than $50,000.  

Bar chart showing the types of childcare coverage used and needed.

Respondents also expressed concerns over the quality of childcare, the affordability, and the distance from work of their childcare.  

To supplement the survey of parents, a series of focus groups was conducted of childcare providers in Martinsville and Henry County. The anecdotal perspectives of providers on the changing needs of families in the area closely matched the survey findings. 

For the full report and related material, download the files below.

Bar chart showing respondents’ satisfaction with the location, hours, cost, and quality of their current childcare arrangement.

Harvest Foundation Survey of Childcare Needs_full report


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