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Local Tax Exemptions Inventory

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Tax exemptions can be a powerful tool to incentivize and promote solar energy investment. Code of Virginia section §58.1-3661 recognizes certified solar energy equipment, facilities, or devices as a separate class of property and enables localities to adopt by ordinance a full or partial local property tax exemption. 

This interactive tool allows localities to explore and compare the various solar energy equipment policies adopted by Virginia localities. The tool is current as of June 1, 2022 and includes those localities that have been discovered through desk research as well as those localities that responded “Yes” to Weldon Cooper Center’s 2019 Annual Tax Rates Survey question V.2: “Does your locality have property tax exemptions for the following property classes, as permitted by the Code of Virginia in Sections 58.1-3660- 58.1-3666: Certified solar energy equipment facilities or devices (Section 58.1-3661)?”

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