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Funding Opportunities to Advance Clean Energy in Rural Virginia

Virginia Solar Initiative

The Virginia Solar Initiative and the Virginia Department of Energy hosted a two-part webinar series designed to empower Virginia's rural communities to access federal clean energy funding opportunities. 

Webinar Part I

The first webinar provided in-depth information for rural communities about the U.S Department of Energy’s Energizing Rural Communities Prize and highlighted other upcoming funding opportunities. The Energizing Rural Communities Prize will provide $15 million to individuals, universities, tribal and local governments, and other community organizations developing partnerships or innovative financing strategies to improve energy systems and advance clean energy projects in rural communities. To learn more about this prize opportunity and possible partnerships in Virginia, please visit the Virginia Forum on the Energizing Rural Communities Prize

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Webinar Part II

The second webinar provided detailed information about several funding opportunities for rural businesses and agricultural producers, including a $1 billion fund, to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture), and a $50 million dollar fund to advance community-based energy projects in rural and remote areas (U.S. Dept. of Energy). Speakers also presented on tax incentives and other upcoming funding opportunities. 

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For more information about the webinars, please contact Austin Counts at