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Community Colleges and the "Completion Agenda"

Few issues in education policy have garnered as much attention from state and federal lawmakers as has college completion.

According to Donnelly, “The more we invest in community colleges to help them meet the goals of the completion agenda, the more Americans we will have with post-secondary degrees and certificates, which will repay the investment many times over.”

Clean Power Plan

New EPA rules limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. The Cooper Center is working to help Virginia craft an efficient policy for implementing these rules.

Richmond Times Dispatch quotes Bill Shobe on the new rules.

The Center for Economic and Policy Studies has reviewed some of the early estimates of the cost of complying with the Clean Power Plan. You will find them here.

Racial Dot Map

This new interactive map plots a dot for every person in the United States, color-coded by race and ethnicity.

Read more on the Demographics Research Group website.