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Commercial Air Service at Virginia Airports: Challenges and Opportunities

Michael D. Wittman, who has written widely about America’s airports,
predicts that without significant support from local residents and
businesses, many smaller airports are likely to stagnate. The author, a
former member of the research staff at M.I.T.’s International Center for
Air Transportation, is now a consultant at InterVISTAS Consulting LLC
in Boston.

Except for Reagan National Airport and tiny Shenandoah
Valley Regional, Virginia’s nine commercial airports, including Dulles
International, have suffered losses in service since 2007. In the
current environment, smaller airports in particular “will likely be
unable to return to pre-recession levels of air service and airline
connectivity,” writes Wittman..>MORE

Racial Dot Map

This new interactive map plots a dot for every person in the United States, color-coded by race and ethnicity.

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