Centers, Institutes, Program & Projects

builds community, strengthens democratic practices, promotes public dialogue and deliberation and increase the capacity of citizens to effect positive change.
provides economic data and expertise to all levels of government to aide policy makers in making informed decisions and in designing effective public policies.
is a full-service academic survey research facility which offers customized project design, professional interviewing, data collection, data analysis and report preparation.
administers Certification/Career Development in conjunction
with the appropriate statewide association: Commissioners of the
Revenue Association of Virginia, Treasurers’ Association of Virginia,
Virginia Sheriff's Association/Virginia Sheriff's Institute, and the Virginia Court Clerks Association.
Expert researchers serve public and private sector leaders in Virginia by providing top-quality, meaningful data and custom- designed research on the Virginia population and on leading issues in education and workforce development.
Our leadership development programs offer an integrated approach to professional development for local government leaders and managers. Teaching our leaders how to transform their organizations to be grounded in basic democratic values and
guided by a collective vision of community-building and empowerment.
prepares the Commonwealth’s emerging leaders for public
service as candidates for office, government officials and citizen
activists in the affairs of their communities, the Commonwealth of
Virginia, and the nation. This is accomplished through educational
programs designed around ethics, public policy, and practical politics.
develops and offers organizational behavior related courses and year-round, supervised, for-credit, academic internship opportunities in the public and private sectors at the local, state, national, and international level for U.Va. students; and, assists organizations in developing professional practice internships, screening, placing, and supervising interns, and in the overall management of the internship placement.
established in 1994 by the Virginia General Assembly to increase the training, technical services and information resources available to the Commonwealth's local governments.