Highway Finance Survey Information


The Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service conducts the annual Road, Street, and Highway Finance Survey under contract to the Virginia Department of Transportation. The Survey information is utilized to meet both state and federal data reporting requirements.

Beginning with FY06, the Annual Road, Street, and Highway Finance Survey will be utilized by localities to report expenditures of maintenance and construction payments by category in accordance with Section 33.1-41.1 and Section 33.1-23.5:1 of the Code of Virginia. The Code requires that localities report audited numbers. As noted below, the Survey replaces the old U-3 form that urban municipalities were required to submit to VDOT on an annual basis, in addition to completion of the Survey for federal reporting.  

Annual Schedule:
June 30:   End of fiscal year.
Dec. 30:   Completion of annual local financial audit.
Jan. 03:    Distribution of Road, Street, and Highway Finance Survey to localities for completion.
March 15: Surveys completed on weldon Cooper Center website.

Click here to see a copy of the latest mandated survey.

This online survey provides data to VDOT that fulfills both the new state reporting requirements and the annual Federal Highway Administration form FHWA-536 requirements. In the past, the data was collected by two instruments, the U3 form and the Weldon Cooper Highway Finance survey. Because the data required is so similar, it was decided to combine the two forms. Now with the one new online survey instrument, VDOT receives the data it needs for both the U3 and the FHWA-536 form.

For questions regarding the survey instrument, please contact Stephen Kulp at 434.982.5638 (email: sck7x@virginia.edu) at the Weldon Cooper Center.

For questions regarding VDOT reporting requirements, please contact Sharon McGhee in VDOT’s Local Assistance Division at (804) 225-4466 or visit the Local Assistance Division webpage at http://www.virginiadot.org/business/local-assistance.asp