What Does Virginia Look Like?

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Virginia has a population of 8 million, according to the 2010 Census, and is the 12th largest state in the nation. The Commonwealth, which is...(more)

To provide a more accurate picture of how Virginia is changing, demographers at the Weldon Cooper Center have defined eight regional profiles ... (more)

While Virginia has a low poverty rate compared to other states, there are stark differences in poverty rates across demographic groups...(more)

Prior to 1990, Virginia’s population was approximately eighty percent white and twenty percent African-American or black. Since then... (more)

Household economic security is the capacity of households to afford day-to-day expenditures, save for the future, and survive financial emergencies... (more)

Over four million people are working in the Commonwealth. More Virginians work as retails salespersons than in any other job, with a median wage... (more)