Cancer Projections for Virginia

Cancer Projections for Virginia

Cancer is a leading cause of death in Virginia. Since more than three quarters of cancer cases are diagnosed in people ages 55 and over, the growing proportion of older Viginians signals a significant increase in future cancer incidence.

Projecting the likely number of new cancer cases in the next three decades sets the stage for policy development and resource allocation appropriate to cancer's impact on individuals, families, communities, employers, the Virginia workforce, and an already stressed health care industry scrambling to keep up with demand.

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Data and Methodology

The following Excel files contain the projected cancer incidence data for each locality in Virginia and for the state overall. These projections are for Lung Cancer, Female Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and All Sites of Cancer over the decades of 2011-2020, 2021-2030 and 2031-2040. All of the following excel and pdf files can be found in this one-click download.

Projected Cancer Incidence

All Cancer            Lung Cancer           Breast Cancer            Prostate Cancer

Projected Cancer Incidence Rate

All Cancer            Lung Cancer           Breast Cancer           Prostate Cancer

Methodology for Projecting Cancer Incidence

Methodology document

Interactive Cancer Maps

The following maps show cancer rates for Virginia. To view the data for a particular locality, click on that locality (simply mousing over an area will not show the data) and then click the x in the upper right-hand corner to close the window. Below each map there is a link to a larger map.

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We are grateful to the Virginia Cancer Registry for providing data, and especially to Dr. Jim Martin, director of the Virginia Cancer Registry for his wisdom and support.