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About Us

Demographics Research Group

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The Demographics Research Group produces the official annual population estimates for Virginia and its localities; conducts practical and policy-oriented analysis of census and demographic data under contract; and communicates rigorous research and its policy implications to clients including state and local governments, employers, non-profit organizations, and the general public, through meaningful, intuitive publications, and presentations.

We Can Help with Your Project

Our professionals conduct custom-designed research and provide consulting services under contract for a wide variety of clients. Working in close communication with you, our group will develop a scope of work and an estimated cost to complete the project. Our researchers have advanced proficiency in:

  • formulating clear research questions that direct study toward strategic and actionable data
  • statistical analysis of data sets of all sizes and types
  • producing clear results and recommendations
  • preparing and presenting accessible, easy-to-grasp data visualizations and reports
  • working with governments at the state, local, and federal levels
  • serving the needs of private companies and non-profit agencies and organization to understand and meet the needs of clients and customers

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