UVA Honor Committee Survey

Honor Survey



The Honor Code is an important part of University of Virginia life. The Honor Committee, an elected body of University students, sponsored this survey to better understand how the Honor System influences the interaction of teaching faculty (including graduate teaching assistants) with their students. This questionnaire asked faculty and teaching assistants about their knowledge and experience with the Honor System. All responses were completely anonymous. All information gathered in this survey was reported in the aggregate so that no individual responses could be tied to a participant in any way.

Respondents were able to answer most of the questions by simply selecting the number that best represents their experience. Any questions they did not wish to answer they were free to skip. Space was provided near the end of the questionnaire for respondents to write additional comments if they wished.

We thank everyone who participated in this survey!

Questions about the website should be directed to technical support at the Center for Survey Research using the “Contact” link to the left. Questions about the content of the survey should be directed to the principal investigator, Thomas Guterbock at tomg@virginia.edu.