Project Design


CSR helps you decide on a sample size that suits your study objectives, design, and budget. We offer:

Random-Digit-Dialing Samples

Computer-generated telephone numbers targeted to your study area produce representative samples of residential households, including both listed and unlisted numbers.

Targeted Samples

CSR can design your sample to increase the chances of reaching the population subgroups of interest to your study.

Listed Samples

Sometimes the most cost-effective route to a good sample is from a list that you supply or that CSR obtains for you.


CSR can advise on the most productive and cost-effective method of collecting your data: telephone, mail, electronic, or in-person. We ensure scientific validity for your study by helping to specify procedures for selecting respondents within households, securing cooperation, and following up incomplete interviews or questionnaires.


Writing Questions

CSR can write questions for you or assist you in drafting your own. We ensure that the responses to your questions provide the information necessary to your study.

Scales and Measures

CSR will help you determine the best question formats to measure people's opinions, experiences, attitudes, and behavior.

Question Order

We can advise you on proper sequencing of items, a critical design feature for maintaining objectivity and ensuring that respondents understand your study.

Sensitive Questions

Several effective strategies may be employed to elicit confidential or personal information that may be crucial to your study.


Before a survey is implemented, CSR will test your instrument in the field. We will then work with you to eliminate any problems with questionnaire design, wording, definition of terms, response categories, programming, sequencing, or timing.