Data Collection

Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing
Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) increases the efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility of surveys, operating in the background while the trained interviewer asks the questions and probes for accurate responses. The computer system stores a database of phone numbers and streamlines the process of sampling numbers, dialing, scheduling callbacks, and recording the outcome of each call attempt. Accurate, instantaneous data entry is assured by the CATI system. Questions appear on the screen in programmed sequence for interviewers, and responses are recorded directly to the computer. The costs and inaccuracies of separate data entry are eliminated.

Specialized Interviewing
When you need to survey businesses or organizations, CSR interview specialists can get answers from busy professionals. Our trained interviewers can also manage complex quota designs or mixed data-collection modes.

Mail Surveys
CSR uses the "tailored design method" to organize multiple mailings that maximize response rate and minimize non-response bias. CSR can do your questionnaire layout work in-house.

Web Surveys
CSR uses Qualtrics to create web surveys in-house.  Qualtrics is a flexible, easy to use web-based software for the creation and implementation of sophisticated online surveys.  Survey responses are kept track of by Qualtrics software and can be downloaded in multiple formats.

Additional Data Collection Services

  • Semi-structured in-depth interviewing via telephone
  • Mail surveys using electronic CATI/CAPI techniques on diskette or via computer networks
  • Focus groups